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EHOTLoveA: Gain Amazing Flexibility

EHIT Yoga is an offshoot from Hot Yoga, which is a very popular form of exercise from the 1990s. EHIT stands for “ehita hiitana”, which means “doing it sitting down”. This is based on the principle that doing exercises in a relaxed state increases the strength of the muscles and improves circulation and digestion, leading to a better functioning of the entire body. The most popular poses include “ayurvedic alignment” and “htoplissage”.

When practicing yoga, it is very important to stretch properly. Stretching the hamstrings is especially important in order to prevent muscle injuries and tone. The hamstrings are the muscles of the lower back and rear thighs, located on the front and back of the hips. Many people have no idea what the hamstrings actually do and how they should be exercised. The primary purpose of the hamstrings is to allow the person to assume a longer position when bending over, so it is important to train these muscles to become strong and flexible.

The “ayurvedic alignment” is a series of poses that stretch the back and neck. It is done sitting down. “htoplissage” is similar, except that it is performed on an inclined bench. The key to doing the pose successfully is to keep your eyes on the floor and your back straight.

One of my favorites is the “Downward Facing Dog” pose. The benefits of this pose are increased flexibility, balance, and strength. To do the Downward Facing Dog, sit on your mat in your usual comfortable pose, with your buttocks touching the mat. Keep your head up and your back straight. Now, move your hands up to your sides, forming a circle with your hands.

Now, inhale deeply and arch your back. Turn to one side and exhale as well. Do this to the other side. Inhale deeply again and repeat the movements. As you grow accustomed to the movement, you will find yourself performing this pose dozens of times. You may want to read instruction describing this pose and its variations on the Yoga DVDs.

If you are new to yoga, it can be easy to get intimidated by the seemingly intricate movements. If this applies to you, practice what you have learned on the DVDs. Mastering the basic yoga steps will not only help you get in better shape faster, but it will provide the basis for additional yoga classes you can take. Once you master the basic poses, try poses that focus on different aspects of your body. For example, you may want to work on strengthening your legs. Or work on stretching your muscles.

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