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Epiphany_666 – A Story of Hope by Jim Edwards

“Epiphany_ 666” by Jim Edwards provides a very unique and interesting story of an individual experiencing a great deal of pain in the form of cancer, yet is able to realize that he or she will have to overcome the pain and the suffering in order to get to the end result that is being desired. In this story, we are able to see a person who is already on the path toward healing and getting well.

In the beginning of the story, a young man named Jimmy Edwards, who works in a construction site, gets sick and is diagnosed with breast cancer. When this news is brought to his father, a great deal of pain is caused to both father and son, since the father knows that there is nothing that can be done in the short term and that the father will have to make a decision of some sort in regards to treatment.

Unfortunately, in this case, this family member and friend who are ill die and it is the father who has to make this difficult decision on his own. In addition to this, the father knows that he is going to have to face his guilt for not having the time to be there for his wife and his son when they were first diagnosed with breast cancer.

As the story progresses, however, the father realizes that if he does not take action in terms of treatment that this cancer will continue to grow and kill him. Therefore, he begins to search for a solution in which he can rid himself of this pain and suffering without having to experience any of the physical discomfort or even the mental anguish that is associated with cancer.

In the beginning of the story, Jimmy Edwards searches for answers in regards to the end result that he wants. This is a process that is often referred to as “dreaming up a new life.” In this case, Jimmy Edwards becomes aware that he must begin a journey in which he will be able to dream up a better future for himself so that he will have the peace that he desires. He can begin this journey now by looking for answers that will lead him to healing.

In addition to this, Jimmy Edwards is also able to find answers that will lead him to realizing that he will be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a better person. In this way, he can finally understand that he will be able to get through this difficult period in his life and move forward in a positive direction. “Epiphany_ 666” is a story about a man who is able to find healing and move forward in an effortless manner so that he can eventually move forward on a positive note.

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