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“Esperanzagomez” by Carlos Lanzarote Book Review

“Esperanzagomez” by Carlos Lanzarote is a fun, light-hearted and colorful journey around the globe through a Spanish-speaking country. As you follow its protagonist, an American student, around Mexico and Spain, his adventures include learning to surf, meeting a fairy, riding an elephant, learning how to speak Spanish, going to the beach, taking a horseback ride and watching the sunset on the coast of Spain. There are even a couple of short chapters in which you visit Mexico City and spend a night there with your family, as well as in Spain itself. It was initially published in English by Dutton’s, and then later in German, and then it was published by Penguin Books. However, it was recently released as an audio book in Spain.

As a language-learning book, the language used is fairly easy to understand. The main characters can be understood by people who do not speak any Spanish at all, so the audio book has the advantage of allowing you to listen while you are travelling or studying in school or work. The text, though, is written in a way that is very difficult to understand for someone who does not know Spanish. The author has also done his homework, so the grammar and spelling of the book are clear and precise. The use of the past tense and the use of definite articles, such as “it”, are both clear and precise. All these points are reflected in the audio, making it easier for someone to understand.

The language used in the audio book is very easy to learn, which is one of the reasons why many Spanish speaking learners prefer the book over textbooks. In fact, many people have told me that they listened to the book after they had finished their classes. Although it is not an official textbook, it contains enough information for the average student. The Spanish language is not presented as if it is a foreign language to begin with, and the words and phrases are easily understandable to students who are not native speakers of this language. This is why many people believe that learning the language through audio books is the best option. You can learn at your own pace and it does not require much effort on your part.

The language is presented in a very clear and easy-to-understand style. Most Spanish language books are more than four hundred pages long, whereas this book only takes up seventy-two pages. You will find that the language is easy to understand even for someone who is new to the language. You will probably find that you are reading for a longer period than you did when you were studying in school. because you learn the language so quickly. As with any other language, though, there are some aspects of this language that you will need to brush up on and practice more often in order to master, but this book covers enough to give you a basic understanding of the basics.

Although the language is easy to comprehend, it also presents you with an opportunity to learn a lot of history about the country. While I did not have time to research the country of Spain, I was able to pick up a few interesting facts on the history and culture of the country. For example, did you know that the term “cafe con leche” means a little cafe? It also explains what is meant by “miguel echeguera” – a pastry made from chocolate.

This is a great story about a teenager, and although he is a fictional character, his experiences are still relevant to people today. The author writes with a sense of humor and with a good sense of humor, which make for an enjoyable and interesting read. You will not be disappointed with this book, and hopefully, it will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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