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Why Is Giselleting So Well Known?

Giselle93 has released a new video called “Dancing Nude and Oiled Up”. In this video, she is seen dressed in a very provocative manner. She is dancing with her legs spread and her top half exposed. The video is only about two minutes long so it can be viewed in its entirety in a matter of seconds.

In the description of the video, Giselle has referred to as herself a Nymphomaniac. This may come off as an overstatement, but it comes off as an accurate representation of what Giselle is about. Giselle claims that she loves to dress up and flirt in public. She says that when she is not working she usually finds some time to find and watch adult movies on the internet. She states that she does not view these videos as per one woman, but as ‘thousands of women looking for sex’.

The video has gained instant attention not only from fans of Giselle, but from straight male viewers as well. The video has also been featured in several straight online articles discussing drag queens and their performances. It has also been featured on a number of popular blogs. This speaks volumes about the popularity of Giselle and her works.

So, why is this video so hot? It’s simple really, like everything else from Giselle, it’s got an edge of sexuality and a tantalising quality that you just don’t get with other videos. You see, the entire video is her performing and dancing in one scene. You get the feeling that she is having fun with the camera, that she is enjoying what she is doing. It is totally unlike any other video out there that shows a performer either entirely stiff or uncomfortable while on camera.

The video has also garnered a lot of critical acclaim from the likes of YouTube’s own gay YouTube user, Sammie Searce. He states that she “manages to pull of some amazing stunts”, which is something that most female dancers can never achieve. He also goes onto say that Giselle is quite the talented entertainer, and that he expects great things from her in the future. In fact, he even suggests that audiences should look out for the next video as it will be one of the best of the year. This is high praise coming from such a close watcher of hers, making his opinion all the more reputable.

Overall, it seems like Giselle has got to the point where she wants to be recognised for her talent. Her original website had only good things to say about herself and mentioned that she was looking for modeling gigs, but this hasn’t happened. One reason why may be because she hasn’t fully maximised her abilities on the site. There are other people out there like her, who have found the success she is looking for in the music industry. This may mean that instead of concentrating on one project at a time, she should be looking to spread her wings and do more.

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