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Hot Falling Devil – A Gay Experience

The latest addition to the Chaturbate family is HotfallingDevil. I’ve been searching for videos of the new guy and was thrilled when I found one. He’s been making quite a bit of buzz around him on various social media platforms, so I figured I’d get a little closer to this guy. The video showed some of his usual charm: funny interviews, great dance moves, a captivating lead guitar solo and of course, a hot girl in distress.

HotfallingDevil’s real name is Jacob Broussard, he went by Jacob on MySpace and Facebook. He is half Puerto Rican and half Canadian. In the Facebook fan page, which has over two hundred friends, Jacob posted this photo with a caption “I’m hanging out with my cousin Chaturbate. She asked me to bring her to the club tonight, so I took her.”

He’s from Toronto but currently lives in New York. I met him in a friend’s apartment while I was there just visiting friends. He was wearing a cute button down shirt, dark jeans and black skinny boots. I’m not entirely sure how long he has been a vegan or vegetarian since he didn’t tell me how long he had been going to the restaurant. I saw him the next day though, dancing to some sexy music.

Hot Falling Devil, as he calls himself, is a 23 year-old bisexual Toronto guy who likes to perform drag shows, throw parties and go to gay clubs. His favorite thing to do is make porno videos and share them on YouTube. He was very excited about going to my home to perform at my private show in January, so I guess he thought I was his big fan. It turns out he’s not, because he couldn’t even come up with five ideas for what to do. I told him to come up with his own original ideas for a better performer that he could be proud to present.

That was the night I first discovered Hot Falling Devil. I was watching YouTube when I saw his first video and I was blown away. I was actually reading an article about how to make adult videos when I got home and began searching for bongacams and cam sites. I ended up finding a whole bunch of them in a directory and realized I would be in heaven if this guy could perform drag at a gay club or at my private show.

The next night, he arrived and presented himself well. I was really impressed by how good he was. I told him to get ready for a shoot that same night and asked him if he wanted to be a webcam model for free since I was already linked up with someone who does a lot of these bongacams. He said yes, he wanted to try it out. I am so happy that I found him, it has been such a great experience.

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