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Karuna Satori Orgasms – A Book Review

If you are not aware, you are part of a generation that values truth in whatever aspect of life – including sex! The philosophy is based on the Hindu principle of Kama sutra which states that sex is meant to be enjoyed only for the purpose of procreation. Therefore, sex should be given only in the context of love and should not be used as a means to escape from work, family or other obligations. The only thing you should expect out of your sexual activity with your partner in a Karuna Satori massage are pure bliss and relaxation. If you experience any kind of pleasure, it should last only for a brief moment and then you should go back to your duties at hand.

This is because the Kama sutra teaches that premature ejaculation is one of the biggest obstacles to successful lovemaking. In the book, the author Dr. Subodh Gupta takes us through the physiology behind why a premature ejaculation happens and how to overcome it using solely natural means. He also explains how using massage can help speed up the process and how you can use specific techniques such as thrusting to stop it. The author also shares with the readers the only completely safe and effective technique to last longer during lovemaking. This technique involves applying pressure on the perineum, the most sensitive area on the body, which relaxes and lengthens the vaginal opening.

The book ends with a powerful erotic workout that will leave your partner begging for more. The main exercise focuses on maintaining a steady pulse rate, which is called the kundalini energy flow. Kundalini yoga is actually very similar to the practices used in many forms of erotic hypnosis. In erotic hypnosis, the conscious mind is tricked into thinking it is sleeping while the subconscious takes control of everything. The author uses this concept to teach readers about maintaining a steady self-perception and sensual awareness throughout every part of the lovemaking act.

Karuna Satori is an excellent resource for anyone who is looking for a tried-and-true, natural method for prolonging orgasms and enhancing sexual pleasure. It isn’t necessary to practice Tantra or incorporate any other form of erotic hypnosis. In fact, the book is so advanced that even people who practice Tantra and other forms of alternative sexuality are comfortable reading it. Even women who are not practicing couples or even conservative women can appreciate its advice. For conservative women, the advice in the book may prove invaluable, especially if they want to spice up their lovemaking. The author clearly understands that Tantric principles are not the basic premise behind his writing, but the inspiration behind his advanced approach to lovemaking.

The technique within the book, which has been adopted by millions of people, focuses on a set of questions designed to help couples become more open and honest with one another. As couples become more comfortable with each other’s erogenous zones and more open about their own bodies, they are likely to be more open about their sex life overall. This results in a more mutually satisfying lovemaking experience, and the woman who uses the book’s “five sexual keys” is more likely to find herself experiencing multiple orgasms.

Beyond Tantra, the book contains a plethora of techniques for enhancing all areas of erotic and sexual life. Women should definitely consider giving this book a read. If you are looking for a new way to enhance your erotic strategies, or you just want to experiment with new and innovative ways to make love, then this book is something worth checking out. Although the book is geared towards male readers, women too can benefit from its advice. Couples can also get a lot out of this text, as the suggestions within can lead to endless sexual activity and a more mutually satisfying sex life overall.

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