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Prurientkitty, The Queen Of The Felines

The name of Prurientkitty might sound a little too suggestive. Think about it: there is a cat with human characteristics. Prurientkitty is an Asian female cat. In fact, she might be considered to be the first true “prune” ever.

Think back in history to the cavemen and women who hunted the wild fruits and nuts that fed the fire. What they probably did not have were catchers or scented sprays to clean their catch before eating. Today, most people hunt for good raw meat – anything they can catch and eat themselves. The same is true for the women of the forest.

And what was the catch for these pioneering hunters? A whole lot. Prurientkitty, today, is known for her many coats of hair, ranging from short to long and shiny and woolly to soft and silky. The coat is not used to simply protect the woman from the elements. Rather, Prurientkitty catches the sun and heats herself so that the skin glows and the cat is as attractive as she can be.

Like many exotic cats, Prurientkitty is also famous for her stripes. The stripes cover most of her body, but they appear at her tail-tops. The stripes may appear in many different variations, from a couple of dark stripes running across her chest to dark spots on the sides and back. They may alternate in size, from very large and impressive stripes running across her trunk to pinpoint thin sliver-like streaks. Some have even had stripes running along their face, chin and cheeks.

When the weather is warm, Prurientkitty likes to sit out under the tree to get some much-needed fresh air. She gets to stretch her muscular body and stretch her muscles in a way no other cat has the chance to do. When it is cooler outside, she loves to play under the stars in her cat house. If you have not yet built one for her, this could be the perfect opportunity to start.

Cats who like to be in charge of their own space, especially when it comes to their personal spaces, tend to rule the roost. Prurientkitty is a leader among her litter. In fact, she rules her own little territory. Her territory includes the entire area within her cat house and the outdoor areas she sees and uses regularly when outside. All other cats are usually afraid of her, although some, like her sister, actually fear thunderstorms. Thunderstruck cats are usually safe inside their cat houses when they hear thunder, but when thunder rages outside, they are in serious trouble.

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